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The Doe Run Company hosts 30th annual Old Miners’ Days festival


The Doe Run Company and the Viburnum community will give a nod to the area’s rich mining history at the 30th Annual Old Miners’ Days festival. The event draws thousands of people to Viburnum each year to enjoy music, food and family-friendly activities in the world’s second-largest lead mining district. The weekend’s events include the popular free underground tours of a Doe Run mine, the Grande Parade and “Viburnum’s Got Talent” show and Lip Sync Battle.

David Major, maintenance planner at Doe Run and director of Old Miners’ Days, said that more than 100 Doe Run employees volunteer their time at the event. “Our employees get excited about inviting guests to join us beneath the earth’s surface to see a mine – and to show how mining helps power the world,” Major said.

The event will be held Sept. 30 – Oct. 2.

More information, including the schedule of events, can be found here.

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