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The business case for inclusion and equality versus looting and violent demonstrations

By: Jerry M. Hunter, partner Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner and Chairman of the Board, Associated Industries of Missouri, and Ray McCarty, president and CEO, Associated Industries of Missouri.

Associated Industries of Missouri, the state’s oldest employer advocate organization, lends its support to those who are peacefully working to bring about greater inclusion and equality in our society.

Recent events provide an opportunity for employers to review their policies to increase inclusiveness and eliminate discrimination from the workplace. Alienating any person or group based on anything other than work performance and other non-discriminatory factors is simply not in anyone’s best interest. Working together, we can make our workplaces positive environments that recognize and encourage the contributions of all employees to our collective success.

Missouri employers do not condone violence, injury, loss of life, or property destruction in any form. As members of a civilized society, we all must work together to improve that society. Missouri employers recognize this must happen in the workplace as well as in our homes, schools, and churches.

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