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Stronger supply chains deemed crucial to US manufacturing growth

Writing in IndustryWeek (12/28), National Mining Association President and CEO Hal Quinn and Reshoring Initiative founder Harry Moser assert that amid the nation’s current “manufacturing renaissance,” during which industry titans have moved operations back to these shores, “U.S. manufacturers are seriously concerned about how the supply of minerals and metals can impact the success of their businesses.”

As the US regains manufacturing prominence, “the need for strong, stable supply chains” of critical minerals and metals becomes more acute, Quinn and Moser wrote, noting that although this country has $6.2 trillion worth of such materials in reserve, US manufacturers are highly dependent on foreign sources.

While praising the House of Representatives’ passage of legislation to improve permitting of minerals mines, the writers urged the incoming Congress and President Obama “to collaborate and take the necessary actions to ensure the success of our domestic manufacturers and keep our economy growing.”



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