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Statement from House Speaker Todd Richardson regarding committee approval for ethics reform bills

From the Missouri Times

House Speaker Todd Richardson issued the following statement in reaction to four substantive ethics reform bills receiving approval Monday afternoon from the House Committee on Government Oversight and Accountability:

“For months now I have said the first priority for this legislative body will be to move forward with substantive, meaningful ethics reform, and I am proud of my colleagues for quickly working to make good on this promise with legislation that will help us to improve the culture at the Capitol. The four bills approved Monday afternoon represent a solid first step that will make elected officials more transparent and accountable. We will work with the Floor Leader to hopefully get the bills out of the House and on to the Senate by the end of the week, and then we will turn our attention to several more reform bills next week. As I said in my Opening Day Address, our goal is to improve the environment in Jefferson City, and begin the process of restoring the public’s confidence in this institution.”



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