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State of the St. Louis Workforce Report

On Aug. 8, St. Louis Community College presented the 2018 State of the St. Louis Workforce Report. AIM President and CEO Ray McCarty attended the event.

This report tracks the recovery and growth of the region’s workforce, as well as its continuing challenges, by publishing an analysis of local employer survey responses and labor market data from the state.

This edition of the State of the St. Louis Workforce Report included information focused on health care, information technology and financial services in the region.

The report revealed the current St. Louis unemployment rate is 3.2%. It also showed that the amount of job openings exceeds the amount of job seekers by 20%. The report indicated many industries are facing a shortage of skilled workers and many of the applicants are not qualified to fill the open positions. Many companies have been forced to hire and train less qualified workers or hire from outside the region or even outside the United States.

“We thank the St. Louis Community College for this important data,” said McCarty. “The results echo what we hear from employers everyday: there are more openings than applicants and training for skills is becoming critically important, especially now,” he said.


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