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SRC, JDR, CNHI Reman celebrate Global Reman Day


On April 12, 2018, associates at CNH Industrial Remanufacturing (CNH Industrial Reman), John Deere Reman (JDR) and Springfield Remanufacturing Corporation (SRC) gathered at SRC and JDR facilities to celebrate Reman Day. Ray McCarty, president and CEO of Associated Industries of Missouri also attended the first annual event.

Reman Day is a global event that promotes the importance of remanufacturing as it pertains to job creation, the environment, and global economics. Reman Day seeks to celebrate and promote the innovative ways members of all industry sectors are advancing remanufacturing and substantiates the positive environmental and economic impacts of this global industry.


In Southwest Missouri, the center of U.S. remanufacturing, leadership at CNH Industrial Reman, JDR and SRC teamed up to host educators, students and community and state leaders and share their story of reman. The event, held jointly at SRC Electrical in Springfield, Missouri, and JDR’s Core Center in Strafford, Missouri, included a product display area, a presentation and panelist discussion, and tours of both facilities.


The panel of speakers included Jack Stack, CEO of SRC, Jena Holtberg-Benge, General Manager of JDR, Bruce Krueger, General Manager of CNH Industrial Reman, and Dr. Matt Hudson, Dean of Technical Education at Ozarks Technical Community College. The panelists shared how reman keeps costs low for consumers, prolongs the useful life of products, and saves energy, water and material use. They also discussed the need for skilled workers to meet the demands to produce reman products.


Springfield makes up a good deal of the United State’s remanufacturing industry. More than 4,000 people have worked in remanufacturing in the Springfield area since its establishment in 1974.

“Remanufacturing supports Deere’s commitment to those linked to the land by generating products that meet customer needs, while reducing our environmental impact,” said Josh Kempel, Sales and Marketing, John Deere Reman.


More than 85% of the resources used to make a product are preserved in the remanufacturing process. Approximately 130 million pounds of material were recycled in the last 5 years by John Deere Reman factories. And product quality is as good as new or better while utilizing on average 85% less energy than new.


Bruce Krueger, General Manager of CNH Industrial Reman adds, “Our goal is to further promote how remanufactured parts are as good as new and how they support a lower-cost-of-ownership for machine owners, have less impact on the environment and extend the life of machines when new parts may no longer be available. It’s a great value proposition and we never get tired of telling it.”

“Thousands of people visit this [Springfield] community every year to learn about reman and the culture that it has spawned. Hotels, gas stations, restaurants and airlines have all benefited from its success.” said Jack Stack, CEO of SRC Holdings Corporation


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