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Sole special session bill passed by House – on to Senate

House Bill 1, filed by Rep. Becky Ruth, was heard and approved yesterday by both the House Ways and Means Committee, chaired by Rep. Chrissy Sommer, and the Rules – Legislative Oversight Committee chaired by Rep. Rocky Miller. Today, the Missouri House approved the bill and sent it to the Senate.

Associated Industries of Missouri supported the bill, along with the automobile and marine dealers, recreational vehicle dealers, and the Missouri Department of Revenue.

Acting Director of Revenue Ken Zellers testified that the Department appealed the AHC decision that had been issued in favor of the taxpayer because they wanted clarity. He said earlier decisions had left the issue unclear.

The Department has a regulation in effect that allows sales tax credit for multiple trade-ins. The trade-in credit is important to companies that have more than one vehicle (fleets, etc.), but also very important to individuals purchasing vehicles and selling their current vehicles.

The bill will now be considered in the Senate throughout the rest of this week.



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