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SLU Hospital nurses look to eliminate mandatory dues

From the St. Louis Business Journal

A group of Saint Louis University Hospital (SLUH) union nurses has gathered enough signatures to hold an election that would effectively create a “right-to-work” policy at the facility. If nurses vote for deauthorization, it would remove the “union security” clause from the ongoing contract, meaning employees would no longer be required to pay union dues.

Brian Hendricks, a registered nurse who has been with SLUH since 1989, said Monday his group has gathered more than 220 signatures to move forward with a vote June 15. To move forward, the petition required the signatures of 30 percent of the 650 total nurses covered by the union contract.

The union, National Nurses Organizing Committee, first entered its contract with the nurses in June 2013, following a year of recruiting employees and negotiations. The contract is set to expire in June 2016.



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