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Slay throws his support behind compromise minimum wage proposal

From St. Louis Public Radio

Mayor Francis Slay is throwing his support behind a compromise proposal to raise the city’s minimum wage.

The measure unveiled Thursday is an effort to break a political logjam and pass the legislation in what appears to be a narrow window of time.

“When I started this campaign, I promised that we would listen to all sides, we would do our homework, and we would come up with a proposal that was fair to workers without putting their jobs or our economy in jeopardy,” Slay said in a statement. “We think this new proposal accomplishes that.”

The proposal first unveiled about a month ago boosted the minimum wage for most workers in the city to $10 an hour upon the mayor’s signature and would have topped out at $15 in 2020. The original proposal also called for the minimum wage to be adjusted by the rate of inflation every year after that, though it could never go lower than $15. Small businesses making less than $500,000 a year in sales or employing fewer that 15 people were exempt.

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