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Senator Will Kraus talks unemployment and taxes on AIM’s webinar

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View the interview here.

Associated Industries of Missouri was excited to host State Senator Will Kraus on Monday for the weekly live legislative webinar. Senator Kraus was elected to the Missouri House in 2004 and went on to be elected to the Senate in 2010. He serves as the Ways and Means Chairman.

Senator Kraus is the father of Missouri’s first income tax cut since the 1920’s. As a small business owner himself, Kraus has been a great friend to business since the start of his career.

Unemployment was a topic touched on by Senator Kraus and Ray McCarty, AIM President. Kraus was one of four senators that didn’t want to expand federal unemployment from 79 weeks to 99 weeks. Through filibusters, Kraus and other senators were able to get state unemployment benefits reduced to 20 weeks maximum in Missouri.

“I’ve owned a business and I’ve hired people before and I’ll tell you as a business owner, I am not likely to hire somebody who is on unemployment for almost two years,” Kraus said. “This was not helping our economy, this was hurting our economy.”

Senator Kraus also talked about his long history of correcting things done by the Department of Revenue that were harmful to business. Other topics discussed were sales/use taxes on delivery charges and the IBM/Mastercard decision.



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