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Senate Banking Committee set to consider Garrett nomination Wednesday

In its “Week Ahead” column, The Hill (10/30, Lane) reports the Senate Banking Committee will “meet on Nov. 1 to grill Trump’s nominee to lead the Export-Import Bank, former Rep. Scott Garrett (R-NJ),” pointing out that Garrett “faces a tough road to confirmation.” The article states that “Republicans and Democrats from US manufacturing hotbeds say they fear the conservative former congressman would attempt to destroy the bank from within,” adding that “the National Association of Manufacturers is ramping up its campaign against Garrett’s nomination to head the bank, citing his long opposition to it while in Congress.” The Hill quotes NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons saying, “Scott Garrett has a long and disgraceful record of trying to kill the Ex-Im Bank, while showing no concern for the 1.4 million American jobs it supports. Letting him lead the Ex-Im Bank is simply too big a risk for America’s manufacturing workers.”



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