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Right to Work law set to go before Missouri voters

Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft announced that he has certified a ballot measure for Missourians to vote on whether to keep the new right-to-work legislation. This measure is expected to be voted on in November 2018, unless lawmakers choose to assign it to a different date.

Right-to-work legislation successfully passed earlier this year, only to be suspended by union efforts.

“Many people probably signed the petition without really understanding the issue,” said Ray McCarty, president and CEO of Associated Industries of Missouri, a supporter of the Right to Work law. “Under the Right to Work law, union workers would be free to either join a union or not. The law would require unions to actually earn their membership dues from their union members, much like our association earns our dues from our member businesses. Union workers should like the Right to Work law. Union leadership likes the current system that forces all union members to pay dues whether the union really benefits them or not. Now that this will appear on a ballot, it will be interesting to see if union members support the Right to Work law, or if they simply want to continue paying dues to a union that may or may not be providing them value,” said McCarty.



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