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Right to Work gives workers a choice

Former representative for District 133 in the Missouri House of Representatives, Eric Burlison, put out an article Saturday supporting right to work in Missouri. He main point was the freedom of choice and prosperity right to work laws bring workers.

He discussed how without a Right to Work law, many workers do not have a say in whether they wish to pay union fees; they are told that they have to, even if they are not members, or they will be fired.

Burlison also brought up that with all the dollars coming into a union regardless of its performance, there is no incentive for unions to actually represent workers; they can just siphon money away from workers regardless of results. Right to Work, meanwhile, gives workers a choice by making union membership and fees voluntary.

He ended the article calling on the people of Missouri to “Vote for worker freedom, vote for worker choice and vote for Right to Work.”



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