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Resolution to void fee increase approved by House Rules Committee

MARCH 3, 2020 - Senate Concurrent Resolution 38, sponsored by Sen. Cindy O'Laughlin, disapproves pending fee increases to support the Hazardous Waste program at the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The bill was approved by the House Rules - Administrative Oversight Committee, chaired by Rep. Holly Rehder, on a vote of 5-3 last night.

AIM originally agreed to not oppose the fee increases provided the DNR correct inappropriate transfers from the Hazardous Waste Fund to the Attorney General’s Office, seek other efficiencies, and focus their efforts on the core tasks they are required to perform by statute and regulation – and not use their limited resources for work that is based only on EPA guidance documents.

"Unfortunately, the DNR continues to pursue work based on guidance documents, including pursuing changes to vapor intrusion based solely on EPA guidance documents," said Ray McCarty in testimony supporting SCR 38 in the House Committee hearing. "EPA guidance, and guidance documents issued by other federal agencies, was the target of an Executive Order issued by President Trump in October 2019 that directed federal agencies to clearly state on guidance documents that they are NOT the same as regulations or statute. In fact, the vapor intrusion guidance document clearly states, 'This guidance document does not impose any requirements or obligations on the EPA, the states or tribal governments, or the regulated community.' We urge passage of SCR 38 and are open to continuing dialog with the DNR to resolve these outstanding issues," he said.

The bill now must be approved by the full House by Thursday, March 5, 2020 to void the planned fee increases.



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