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Rep. Vicky Hartzler says House tax plan would provide fairer system

On November 17th, Rep. Vicky Hartzler spoke to the Columbia Chamber of Commerce about the new House tax plan.

“Our goal is to grow the economy and to allow hardworking Americans to keep more of the money. So, that is why we lower the tax rates on every tax bracket with the highest percentage cuts being in the lower and middle-income families,” Rep. Hartzler said, “We also lower the tax rate on our businesses to make us competitive in the world again because right now we have the highest corporate tax rate, and that is encouraging businesses to leave the country and take their jobs with them.”

Hartzler estimated the corporate tax cuts would create 17,000 Missouri jobs, increase paychecks by an average of $2,500, and that 90% of Missourians would be able to file taxes on a post card.


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