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Rep. John Cauthorn Files “No Stricter-No Sooner” AIM Priority Bill

Rep. John Cauthorn has filed HB 1752, Associated Industries of Missouri’s priority legislation that makes sure Missouri’s Hazardous Waste Commission does not file any rule, regulation, standard or guideline that is stricter than necessary to meet federal requirements.

“This legislation ensures Missouri companies are not disadvantaged by regulations that go beyond requirements of federal law,” said Ray McCarty, president of Associated Industries of Missouri. “Missouri companies need to be able to compete on a level playing field with businesses in other states and around the world.  Regulations that exceed federal requirements place Missouri companies at a disadvantage in a global marketplace.”

The legislation also allows variances, or exceptions to rules that:

  1. Would cause economic hardship; or

  2. Is physically impossible; or

  3. Is more detrimental to the environment than the variance would be; or

  4. Is impractical or of insignificant value under the existing conditions.



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