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Ray McCarty testifies on behalf of the National Association of Manufacturers, AIM and MTD at a Trans


On Wednesday, October 11, president and CEO of Associated Industries of Missouri and executive director of the Missouri Transportation and Development Council Ray McCarty testified on behalf of the National Association of Manufacturers at a Transportation and Infrastructure Committee hearing titled “Building a 21st Century Infrastructure for America: Highways and Transit Stakeholders’ Perspectives.” Other participants in the hearing included Director of the Missouri Department of Transportation Patrick McKenna, President and CEO of Granite Construction James Roberts, Secretary-Treasurer of North America’s Building Trades Unions Brent Booker, and Chief Executive Officer of Sound Transit Peter Rogoff.

As the sole voice of users of our nation’s highways and transit systems, Ray communicated to members of the committee that infrastructure is vital to manufacturers’ economic competitiveness. He stated,

As modern manufacturing evolves and becomes even more productive, manufacturers rely on complex supply chains and just-in-time principles where parts are ordered, made and delivered, sometimes within hours. A large manufacturing company in Missouri recently lost an afternoon shift of production due to an accident on I-70 that closed that highway for just a couple of hours. The cost to that manufacturer was more than $1 million. Such delays can be devastating, especially for smaller manufacturers.

Ray went on to compel Congress to solve real problems such as agreeing to a reliable, long term, user-based revenue source for the Highway Trust Fund. To hear more about this important issue to manufacturers, click on these links to the video of the hearing and Ray’s written testimony.

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