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Pro-union entity is source of “study” showing wages lower in Right to Work states

The Missouri Times recently published an article based on “study” that shows lower wages in Right to Work states. This “study” was issued by a biased entity that opposes Right to Work, the “Economic Policy Institute.”

A simple Google search shows the organization issuing the study, Economic Policy Institute (EPI), is an organization that receives funding from unions and supports union causes.  Hardly a reliable or unbiased source of information.

The EPI not only issued the report cited in the Missouri Times article, they also previously issued a “study” entitled, “How today’s unions help working people”:

The EPI also worked to support the Employee Free Choice Act, federal legislation that would have effectively ended secret balloting when unions are trying to organize in a business:

The Missouri Times article was based on a biased source that opposes Right to Work, not just in Missouri, but nationally. Associated Industries of Missouri supports Right to Work and are not afraid to announce our position when we write articles on the subject. 

Knowing this “study” was published by a pro-union entity should make a BIG difference for readers.



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