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President Trump to talk tax reform at NAM board meeting

By Aric Newhouse, Senior Vice President of National Association of Manufacturers 

President John F. Kennedy, on December 6, 1961, addressed the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) on the importance of U.S. competitiveness, stating: “We cannot afford to ‘wait and see’ what happens,’ while the tide of events sweeps over and beyond us. We must use time as a tool, not as a couch. We must carve out our own destiny.”

All told, since President Kennedy, the NAM, the unified voice of the men and women who make things in America, has been proud to invite and welcome U.S. presidents from both parties. The NAM is looking forward to continuing this tradition with President Donald Trump.

Upholding our commitment to economic growth and job creation, the NAM is working with leaders from the administration and Congress to achieve progress on our top priorities—tax reform, regulatory reform, infrastructure investment and workforce development—so that we can ensure a prosperous future for America’s manufacturing workers and their families.

Manufacturers are encouraged to see President Trump’s continued focus on our industry and on creating more manufacturing jobs in America. We are especially encouraged by–and unified behind–his calls for bold tax reform that will make America more competitive, put more money in workers’ paychecks and improve the quality of life in our country.

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