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President Trump signs historic tax cut into law


cember 22, 2017 – President Donald Trump has signed an historic tax cut bill into law, following through on a promise he made when he appeared in St. Charles, MO, to deliver a tax cut as a “Christmas gift” to American taxpayers.

By the way, he did explain that it wasn’t really a “gift” because it simply allows taxpayers, including business taxpayers, to spend more of their own money rather than allowing the government to collect and spend it for them.

Since the announcement of the tax bill passing Congress yesterday, at least two of the largest Missouri businesses, AT&T and Boeing, have announced plans to make major investments and expenditures.

“This was a hard fought victory for the American taxpayer,” said Ray McCarty, president and CEO of Associated Industries of Missouri. “We believe this tax cut will spur investment, allow all businesses to benefit through rate reductions and a business income deduction, and allow more businesses to keep their family businesses in the family through a dramatic reduction of the estate/death tax,” said McCarty.



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