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President Obama receives first veto override in contrast to Nixon’s 96th


Congress voted Wednesday to override President Obama’s veto for the very first time of his eight-year presidency, igniting anger from The White House who disapproves of the federal lawmakers’ decision.

While it took almost Obama’s entire tenure to receive his first overridden veto, they occur more frequently for the state of Missouri. In fact, current Governor Jay Nixon has become the most overridden governor in state history – with 96 overridden vetoes on legislative bills and budget expenditures dating back to when he took office in 2009. Nixon’s total overridden vetoes are nearly four times the combined total of all Missouri governors before his tenure.

According to State Rep. Bill Reiboldt, Nixon’s veto overrides have totaled:

2009: 0

2010: 0

2011: 1

2012: 1

2013: 9

2014: 11

2015: 12

2016: 13

Reiboldt also writes, “In all fairness to Governor Nixon, many of his overrides are due in part to Missouri’s politically divided government. He is the only Democrat governor to serve opposite a Republican legislative super majority, at least since the Re-Construction days after the Civil War. It is interesting to point out that during Governor Bond’s tenure, just the opposite occurred. At that time Democrats held a legislative super majority, and a Republican was governor. Only one of Governor Bond’s bills was overridden.”

The vast difference in number of federal veto overrides compared to the state of Missouri, as well as Governor Nixon’s veto overrides compared to previous governors historically, shows a great divide in Missouri’s Capitol. Only time will tell if this year’s election will close that gap.

To read State Rep. Reiboldt’s piece on the conclusion of the 98th General Assembly, click here.



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