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Parson calls special legislative session to address STEM education, treatment courts

Gov. Mike Parson announced plans to call a special session of the Missouri General Assembly from Sept. 10-14 to address STEM education and access to treatment courts.

Parson vetoed bills related to both issues earlier this year. The special session is intended to allow lawmakers to pass legislation more narrowly focused on these two issues.

The governor stated he wants lawmakers to pass legislation establishing “an online program to educate students about STEM careers.” Passing this legislation during a special session would allow the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to implement it for the next school year.

“When I addressed the General Assembly nearly three months ago, I pledged that I would change the tone and work with the legislature,” Parson said in the release. “This call is a step in delivering that promise. These two issues were a part of the General Assembly’s historic session as they passed a number of their priorities. By working together to come up with a more narrowly defined focus, we will have better served the people of Missouri.”



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