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Nixon to deliver State of the State address Wednesday night

Just as President Obama addresses the American people on Tuesday night with the State of the Union Address, Governor Jay Nixon will address the Missouri people Wednesday night in the governor’s annual State of the State Address.

Nixon will make his address at 7:00 p.m. from the House of Representatives Chamber at the State Capitol. Traditionally governors have used the occasion to outline their legislative agenda for the current session, and to introduce their ideas for the state budget. The governor and his staff will present their version of the state budget to lawmakers and the press in the hours just before the speech.

You can see the governor’s speech by following the link on the state website at

New Speaker of the House Rep. John Diehl, (R-Town and Country) will present the Republican rebuttal immediately following the governor’s address. It appears that Speaker Diehl’s rebuttal can be seen by going to the website of KMIZ-TV in Columbia at they will have full coverage from 6:30 p.m. on of both the State of the State Address and Speaker Diehl’s rebuttal. You can also view the full coverage at


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