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New committee structure and operating rules adopted in Missouri House

The House Rules Committee met on Tuesday to discuss HR 35, sponsored by House Majority Floor Leader Todd Richardson (R-Poplar Bluff). This resolution proposes the rules under which the House will operate for the duration of Session. Rep. Richardson noted the significant changes to the operating rules would be as follows:

  1. Under the proposed rules there would be two levels of committees: a Regular Standing and a Select Standing committee. Each Regular Standing committee would be assigned to a Select Standing committee; for example, the Regular Standing Committee on Agriculture would be assigned to the Select Standing Committee on Agriculture. Regular Standing committees will be able to amend bills, but may not prepare full substitute bills. Substitute bills will have to be done by the Select Standing committees.

  2. The House will return to having 5 conferees when Conference Committees are assigned. However, the majority of members will have to sign before the Conference Committee Report will be accepted.

  3. The House Rules Committee will now only receive Resolutions referred by the Speaker, Consent Bills, and House Rules. The Speaker will still have the power to refer bills to the Rules Committee but with limited guidelines; i.e. Budget bills for time limitations.

On Thursday the House took up and adopted the resolution 120-35. The rules will go into effect immediately.

To read the full text of the new House rules, please follow this link:



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