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Nasheed plans to pre-file ‘ban the box’ legislation

Associated Industries opposed this legislation last year in the General Assembly when it applied to private companies as well as public entities. We will continue to watch this legislation closely as it moves through the process this coming session to make sure that private companies are not included in the bill’s language.

From the Missouri Times

One senator will look to bring the nationwide campaign to “ban the box” in Missouri again.


Proponents of the idea believe a check mark in the box hurts the chances of an offender from re-establishing a livelihood after serving time in jail or prison.

President Barack Obama made headlines earlier this month when he directed federal agencies to take part in the effort, and now Nasheed believes the highest officeholder in Missouri should do the same.

“The City of St. Louis banned the box over a year ago. President Obama announced that he’s doing the same for federal jobs earlier this month. So why hasn’t Jay Nixon banned the box in Missouri?” she asks. “How can we expect former offenders to put food on the table and contribute to society if we make it impossible for them to find employment? They’ve paid their debts and deserve a real second chance. Now, lets tear down the barriers that prevent them from returning to our communities.”

Nasheed also told The Missouri Times that she planned on pre-filing legislation for the 2016 session that would ban the box. She would also like to see it removed from private sector employment applications.



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