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NAM vows continued push for Ex-Im Bank reauthorization

The Hill (6/12, Needham) reports that “business groups vowed on Wednesday to plow ahead with their efforts to pass a reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank despite the loss of a chief ally in their fight.” The National Association of Manufacturers and other business groups “said the push would continue despite House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s surprising primary loss.”

Linda Dempsey, vice president of international economic affairs at NAM, said, “The necessity for reauthorization of the Ex-Im Bank for small and medium manufacturers across the country hasn’t changed.” She added, “This remains a top priority for manufacturers and we will continue to tell the story of how the Bank supports U.S. exports and jobs in districts across the country, to both sides of the aisle.” The article also notes that NAM “canvassed Capitol Hill to talk to senators” in their push for support of the Ex-Im Bank.

The Chicago Tribune (6/12, Cancino) reports the Ex-Im Bank is hosting several events in Chicago that tout its importance to manufacturers across America. The article notes that “backers of the bank, such as the National Association of Manufacturers, say it is a vital tool to help grow U.S. exports and increase American jobs.”

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