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NAM: Touts win against overreaching EPA in Supreme Court case

National Association of Manufacturers (6/24) press release reports that NAM Senior Vice President and General Counsel Linda Kelly responded to the Supreme Court’s decision striking down the Environmental Protection Agency’s “Tailoring Rule.” The Court’s decision states that the EPA does not have the power to require new permits for greenhouse gas emissions for all stationary sources. “Today is a victory for the integrity of our regulatory process and rational limits on executive power. The Supreme Court agreed with the NAM that the EPA may not regulate the entire economy by requiring burdensome new permits for millions of small and medium-sized manufacturers” and other buildings, she said. “Manufacturers encourage the [EPA] to heed the warning of the Supreme Court” as the agency prepares future regulations for new and existing power plants. “We applaud our nation’s highest court,” Kelly added.

Politico Pro reports following the decision from the Supreme Court, critics of the new EPA rule expressed their displeasure with the court’s decision to declare the EPA had been vastly overreaching its authority. However, the NAM’s Kelly said, “As the EPA considers its next suite of [greenhouse gas] regulations for new and existing power plants, manufacturers encourage the agency to heed the warning of the Supreme Court that it may not ‘bring about an enormous and transformative expansion in the EPA’s regulatory authority without clear congressional authorization.’”

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