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NAM: Timmons delivers upbeat Annual State of Manufacturing Address

In a press release, the National Association of Manufacturers (2/25) said President and CEO Jay Timmons delivered the annual State of Manufacturing address in Houston, Texas, “one of the manufacturing community’s most vibrant economic centers,” on Tuesday. Timmons “discussed the unique opportunities and challenges facing the manufacturing economy and the solutions that will bolster the manufacturing industry’s economic strength nationwide and throughout the world.” Timmons attributed the manufacturing sector’s “comeback to its dynamic workforce, innovation and game-changing energy resources. However, he noted the critical need to implement policies supporting manufacturing to eliminate the stifling effect that overregulation, high taxes, rising health care costs and a lack of trade agreements have on manufacturers’ competitiveness.”

The International Business Times (2/26, Clark) quoted Timmons as saying, “We’re definitely making solid progress…But there are challenges ahead.” The article states “Timmons would like to see lower taxes and more trade” deals.

An article written by POLITICO Pro reported Timmons called on “Congress to renew the charter of the Export-Import Bank” and improve Trade Promotion Authority. If members would like the full article for free, they can email National Association of Manufacturers Account Manager, Molly Fluet, at

The Houston Chronicle (2/25, Shauk) reports Timmons said manufacturers are urging Congress to pass immigration reform. Timmons noted, “We’re pushing very hard for immigration reform and we think there is a path forward within this calendar year to get it done.”

Click here for Timmons’ full remarks and here for his op-ed, “Manufacturing: A Key Ingredient for U.S. Growth,” in RealClearPolitics.

KUHF-FM Houston (2/26, Schneider) reports Timmons said manufacturers “face a shortage of workers with adequate” STEM training. Timmons “said more than 80% of manufacturers report they have jobs going unfilled due to the gap in STEM skills.”

Politico (2/26, Tau) “Influence,” Politico (2/26, French) “Morning Tax,” Politico (2/26, Snider) “Morning Transportation,”Politico “Morning Trade,” Politico “Morning Energy,” KTSA-AM and Bill Bennett Online (2/26, Bennett) also note Timmons’ speech.

Timmons: American Manufacturing Is ‘One Of The Great Untold Stories Of This Decade.’ WOAI-TV San Antonio (2/26) reports, “The President of the National Association of Manufacturers came to Texas to talk about a renaissance of manufacturing in America, and Jay Timmons said it is largely driven by the oil and gas boom happening in the Lone Star State.” Timmons said, “For the first time in probably all of our lifetimes, we actually have an advantage when it comes to energy production, availability, and cost.” He added that finding skilled workers is a challenge, saying, “There is an amazing number of jobs that are available in manufacturing, and manufacturers can’t fill them, because we can’t find people with the right skills.”

Click here for Timmons’ full remarks and here for his op-ed, “Manufacturing: A Key Ingredient for U.S. Growth,” in RealClearPolitics.



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