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NAM: Reid blocks amendments to energy-efficiency bill, imperiling it

Roll Call (5/7, Sanchez, Lesniewski, Subscription Publication) reports that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Wednesday“moved to block Republican energy amendments” to the efficiency bill, likely “dooming” both it and a separate vote to approve the Keystone XL pipeline. Reid’s “decision to fill the amendment tree came after he tried to get unanimous consent to set up a vote to approve the energy-efficiency bill and, if passed, set up a vote by May 22 on a bill approving the proposed pipeline.” In return, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell “sought consent that the Senate vote on five Republican amendments to the energy bill.” With both leaders objecting to the other’s requests, there is “no path forward” and the bill will “likely fail when the Senate votes to cut off debate, which is expected to happen on Monday.”

The AP (5/8, Daly) reports that Senate Democrats are “refusing to let supporters of the Keystone XL oil pipeline use an energy efficiency bill as a vehicle to attempt winning congressional approval for the controversial project.” It was one of the amendments that the GOP sought to offer.

The “Floor Action” blog of The Hill (5/8, Cox) and National Journal (5/8, Catalini, Subscription Publication) also cover this story.

While Senate Debates, NAM Launches Web Campaign. The Sun News Network (CAN) (5/6, Murphy) reports that Senate Democrats and Republicans found themselves at an impasse regarding a bill to authorize building the Keystone XL pipeline. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid offered a stand-alone vote on the pipeline if Republicans would withdraw several amendments, including one to authorize the pipeline, from an energy-efficiency bill currently under debate in the Senate. As the Senate currently debates, Keystone supporters “aren’t taking any chances.” NAM and the Laborers’ International Union of North America has “launched web ads in support of Keystone,” while other supporters have launched their own media blitz in targeted states.



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