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NAM: Industrial production rose In December

The Wall Street Journal (1/17, Portlock, Subscription Publication) reported industrial production increased 0.3 percent in December, according to the Federal Reserve. That marks the fifth consecutive month industrial production has risen.

The AP (1/17, Boak) reported automakers increased their production 1.8 percent in December. Production rose 10.4 percent year over year. The production “of appliances, furniture, carpeting, food and clothing” increased last month.

The Los Angeles Times (1/17, Lee) noted that for some sectors, such as autos, utilization is above their multidecade averages. That means manufacturers maybe preparing to increase their hiring or investment for factories and equipment.

Reuters (1/17, Mutikani), Bloomberg News (1/17, Jamrisko) and other media sources also covered the story.


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