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NAM: Help us get out the Manufacturing vote next week!

On Tuesday, we need all manufacturing voters to head to the polls for the pivotal midterm elections to decide control of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate. Thirty-six Senate and Governors’ seats and all 435 House seats are in play.

Here are four quick things you can do today to ensure that you and your family, friends and co-workers are ready to cast a vote for manufacturing on Election Day:

  1. Visit the NAM Election Center and check out your Voter Guide. These zip code-searchable side-by-side comparisons of candidate’s positions on the issues are legally approved, can be co-branded with your company’s logo, and distributed to co-workers.

  2. Check out the NAM’s 2014 GOTV video. The NAM GOTV Facebook app will help you quickly and easily share it with your friends and co-workers.

  3. Sign up for Election Day reminders via email or text message on the NAM’s TurboVote partner site. Share the link ( with your friends and co-workers, and let them know they can sign up for reminders to vote for the candidates of their choice on November 4.

  4. Spend Election Night with the NAM’s political team. Click here to sign up for real-time email updates on the election results as they come in.

The voice of manufacturing in America is strong and respected, and we need your help to make this the year of the Manufacturing Voter. We can make a difference on November 4.

If you have questions before Election Day, please contact Erik Rosedahl or Leann Paradise at

Thank you for your commitment to the NAM and all our advocacy programs.

Ned Monroe Senior Vice President External Relations

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