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NAM Celebrates Sixth Annual Infrastructure Week

National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) President and CEO Jay Timmons released the following statement on the kickoff of the sixth annual Infrastructure Week:

“It’s time to build. We cannot have a true 21st-century economy relying on 20th-century infrastructure. So, this week, manufacturers are helping lead the charge for bold investment in our nation’s infrastructure, allying with people from across the political spectrum and urging Congress to act,” said Timmons. “Infrastructure is one of the rare issues that enjoys widespread support, so there’s no reason for delay or inaction. And with our ‘Building to Win’ agenda, manufacturers have charted the way forward. Like tax reform, a significant investment in our nation’s infrastructure has the power to supercharge manufacturing in America by improving our competitiveness while also making our families and communities safer. Manufacturing jobs are at risk—and our standing in the world is threatened—every day we delay. When we invest in our roads, bridges, ports, pipes, power grid, telecommunications and so much more, we’re investing in America’s manufacturing workers and in our nation’s future.”



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