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NAM, business groups ask President to question China on cybersecurity policies

Reuters (8/12, Martina) reported that the NAM and other business groups penned a letter to President Obama asking the President to urge China not use cybersecurity measures for protectionist purposes ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to the US. The August 11 letter requested President Obama to bring up issues that the information and technology sectors in the US face.

The Wall Street Journal (8/13, Wong, Subscription Publication) says the letter reflects an anxiety among American businesses that they could be forced into either following unfavorable rules or exiting a major market. In their letter, the groups claim that China is increasingly pursuing policies that hamper foreign companies’ ability to do business, and question China’s commitment to free trade.

The Hill (8/12, Mccabe) reported the letter stated that both the US and China “should commit to refrain from embedding in their national security laws, regulations, and policies specific requirements related to economic security that are designed to advance policies that distort markets and restrict open competition.” The letter added that the business groups seek to place the US information and communications technology “relationship with China on a constructive footing.”

Associated Industries of Missouri is the sole official designated partner of the National Association of Manufacturers in Missouri.



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