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NAM applauds Senate vote to overturn NLRB “Ambush Election” rule

The Hill (3/5, Devaney) reports that the US Senate on Wednesday voted 53-46 under the Congressional Review Act to overturn the “ambush election” rule adopted by the National Labor Relations Board under which a union election could be held in “as few as 11 days” after being called, rather than the current average of about 40 days. If the House also approves the measure, the White House has threatened to veto the bill. All Republicans except Sen. Lisa Murkowski supported the measure, but no Democrats did. NAM vice president of human resources policy Joe Trauger said, “This vote sends a clear message to the Obama administration that Congress will not stand idly by while the NLRB’s aggressive agenda seeks to uproot longstanding labor policy.”

NAM Vice President of Human Resources Policy Joe Trauger issued a statement saying, “Manufacturers across the United States applaud this rebuke of an ‘ambush elections’ rule that robs employees of the ability to gather the facts needed to make an important and informed decision like whether or not to join a union and denies employers proper time to prepare. Manufacturers are tired of being the target of misinformed federal policy and unnecessarily restrictive regulations.”



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