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NAM and Mahindra partner to help close the skills gap

The National Association of Manufacturers and Mahindra have partnered together launch a new campaign for NAM’s “Creators Wanted” initiative.

The new campaign is designed to promote careers in manufacturing. It features Mahindra employees telling their stories, and showcases modern manufacturing careers and opportunities at the Mahindra group.

“The future of work is now in modern manufacturing,” said NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons. “We are intent on shattering the stodgy stereotypes of what manufacturing careers look like. Parents and kids across America need to see that modern manufacturing is about creating the future—and giving people not only jobs but also lifelong and rewarding careers.”

The “Creators Wanted” initiative has reached over 11 million people since it’s initial launch.  It has worked to dispel misconceptions about manufacturing. “Unless we change minds about manufacturing, we will have more than 2 million jobs unfilled over the next 10 years,” said Manufacturing Institute Executive Director Carolyn Lee. “Manufacturing Day and ‘Creators Wanted’ are our chance to turn the tide to convince parents and students we need the next generation, and we have a lot to offer.”



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