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NAM ads tout new ozone study in key Senate states

Politico Morning Energy writes that the National Association of Manufacturers is moving into three states with critical Senate races with new radio and digital ads labeling potential EPA ozone regulations as devastatingly costly. NAM released a report last month concluding that an ozone standard of 60 parts per billion could slash GDP by $270 billion annually while increasing energy costs and cutting jobs. The ad in Kentucky praises Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for “fighting the special interests every step of the way,” while spots in North Carolina and Colorado chastise Sens. Kay Hagan and Mark Udall for “letting Washington bureaucrats run our energy policy.” The spots urge listeners to call the Senators and tell them to “say no to unrealistic and costly new energy regulations.” You can listen to the ads here:

Column: Proposed EPA Regulations Are A Bad Bet. Columnist Bruce Edward Walker writes in the Mt. Pleasant (MI) Morning Sun (8/20) that if the EPA is able to put into place its proposed greenhouse regulations, “energy costs will increase exponentially, thousands more will be unemployed and the economy may never fully right itself again.” He quotes NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons’ article arguing that the standards “could mean shutting down, scrapping, and modifying power plants, factories, heavy-duty vehicles, farm equipment, off-road vehicles and even passenger cars. Costs would be passed on to consumers, who would have thousands less to spend every year.” Walker closes the article by saying that the EPA regulations are “a bad bet” and “a bust.”

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