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Motor Carrier Sales Tax Exemption Receives First Round Approval in Missouri Senate

March 5 – The Missouri Senate today debated and gave initial approval to a bill that clarifies that the current sales and use tax exemption for motor carriers should apply to all trucks and trailers that are used to carry property.  The current exemption is not available to companies that use their trucks to haul goods back from a point of destination, although they are acting as common carriers when they haul such loads and purchases by common carriers are already exempt under current law. The bill is SB 480, sponsored by Senator Bill Stouffer.

The current limitation of the exemption has resulted in large companies registering their trucks and trailers in other states that have this sales tax exemption.  Associated Industries of Missouri is extremely supportive of this bill.  Testimony in the hearing included Missouri companies that had deferred purchasing trucks and trailers because of the lack of clarity on the application of this exemption.  “We need to make sure Missouri companies can continue to compete and grow,” said Ray McCarty, president of AIM.  “This bill will level the playing field with other states that have this exemption, protect our existing companies from unfavorable tax rulings and help resolve audit disagreements with state tax collectors for Missouri employers.”

The bill faces one additional vote in the Missouri Senate before advancing to the Missouri House.



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