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More customers are choosing Missouri-made goods

Here is a quick status check on Missouri exports as more and more customers around the world become fans of Missouri-made goods.

Missouri’s exports through the first quarter of 2017 totaled $3.6 billion according to the latest figures from WISER Export Trade data, an increase of 11 percent from the first quarter in 2016.

Q1 2017 Exports

The Transportation Equipment sector topped exports at just over $1 billion with a 10 percent increase from the same quarter in 2016. Transportation Equipment sub-sectors were led by Aerospace Products and Parts with almost $407 million in exports, an increase of 8 percent over the year and Motor Vehicles with a 19 percent increase and $397 million in exports. The second largest sector was Chemicals with exports of $646 million and an 18 percent increase compared to the same quarter in 2016.

The largest foreign market for Missouri’s exports continues to be Canada which purchased over $1.3 billion in goods during the first quarter of 2017. Mexico ($607 million) was followed by China ($223 million), Belgium ($143 million), Japan ($140 million) and Germany ($109 million).

Interested in exporting your Missouri-made products? Learn more about how to start engaging with new customers around the world.

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