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Missouri Treasurer Eric Schmitt meets with Sierra Bullets President Pat Daly

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Pat Daly is is the First Vice Chairman of the Board of Associated Industries of Missouri. Photo via the Sedalia Democrat.

On Wednesday, Missouri Treasurer Eric Schmitt made a stop in Sedalia to meet with Sierra Bullets President Pat Daly, as the company has announced a new employee benefit related to MOST 529 college savings accounts. Schmitt oversees the MOST 529 program.

“We’re being very deliberate about getting out and promoting the things that we do, especially the 529 and ABLE stuff, we want to make people aware of it,” Schmitt told the Sedalia Democrat. “We want to increase the number of accounts that are open on the 529 MOST side, but make people aware — it’s amazing the number of places I talk about ABLE accounts and no one’s heard of that.”

A 529 college saving plan is a type of investment account citizens can use for higher-education savings, usually sponsored by a state, according to

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