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Missouri transportation task force prepares to make recommendations

The chairman of a task force examining funding for Missouri’s transportation system is suggesting increases to the state’s gasoline and diesel taxes.

Rep. Kevin Corlew, R-Kansas City, has proposed increasing the state’s gas tax between 6 and 10 cents and raising the diesel tax between 7 and 12 cents.

“In terms of an immediate impact investment yes, that’s something that could really boost our revenue and enable us to really help out our infrastructure system,” Corlew says. “But that will be just one component of it.”

Testimony indicates raising the state’s gasoline and diesel taxes in those ranges would raise anywhere from $250 million to $410 million. The state’s gas and diesel taxes are currently both 17 cents a gallon.

Rod Reid, Chairman of the Board of the Missouri Transportation and Development Council (MTD) and Ray McCarty, executive director of MTD, testified at an earlier hearing of the task force in Springfield, MO. MTD and Associated Industries of Missouri (AIM) supports additional funding for transportation improvements, including higher fuel taxes, because a reliable and safe transportation is extremely important to all businesses.

“Transportation infrastructure is critical to the success of our existing businesses, for the movement of people, raw materials, finished goods, etc., but transportation is also important to enable Missouri to attract and retain high quality employers in the state,” said Ray McCarty, president of Associated Industries of Missouri. McCarty recently testified before a congressional subcommittee on transportation infrastructure on behalf of MTD and the National Association of Manufacturers.



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