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Missouri Senate passes sales tax for transportation ballot issue

The Missouri Senate has given its approval to a proposed ballot issue that would ask Missouri voters to raise the state sales tax by three-quarters of a percent for a ten-year period to fund transportation projects in Missouri.

House Joint Resolution 68 sought a one percent sales tax increase, but a Senate Substitute introduced by Sen. Mike Kehoe (R-Jefferson City), lowered the sales tax amount to three-quarters percent. The

resolution passed the Senate by a 22-10 vote.

The sales tax would be used to raise about $4.5 billion for projects that the Missouri Department of Transportation says it will not have the funds to complete otherwise.

Because the resolution passed by the Senate was a substitute, the resolution now goes back to the House which will have the final say on the legislation. If the House agrees to the Senate Substitute, then the

resolution goes to the statewide ballot this coming November.

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