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Missouri Municipal League prioritizes transportation funding, backs gas tax

Legislation to increase Missouri’s gasoline tax to fund transportation infrastructure has the backing of the Missouri Municipal League, which represents about 650 municipalities across the state.

Rep. Kevin Corlew, R-Kansas City, chairman of Missouri’s 21st Century Transportation Task Force, spoke to more than 240 municipal leaders about infrastructure funding Tuesday afternoon in Jefferson City at the Municipal League’s legislative conference.

“Today what we heard were mayors and city leaders throughout Missouri expressing their need to the Legislature that we need to move forward in terms of our transportation and our transportation funding,” Corlew says.

Corlew’s task force is recommending a ten-cent gasoline tax increase and a 12-cent diesel tax increase, which the Municipal League supports.

Corlew said he believes the Missouri House has the votes to send the gas tax increase to the Senate.

If both chambers approve it, it would be placed on the statewide ballot in either August or November.



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