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Missouri Legislature calls historic special session

The Missouri Legislature will be headed to a special session to hold possible impeachment hearings against Gov. Eric Greitens starting May 18th.

In a historic move, lawmakers from both sides of the aisle in the Missouri House gathered 138 signatures to call themselves into special session.

“The power to discipline elected officials is the most serious of legislative powers,” Speaker Todd Richardson said. “In recognition of this fact, the House and the Senate agree that the committee should have the time it needs to conduct a fair, thorough, and timely investigation.”

According to the petition, lawmakers will return to session to consider the findings and recommendations of the House Special Investigative Committee on Oversight’s work regarding Gov. Eric Greitens, “including, but not limited to disciplinary actions” against the Republican executive.

Under Missouri law, three-fourths of the House and Senate members must sign a petition to call themselves into a special session. That means 123 of the 163 House members and 26 of the 34 senators must sign.

The decision to call themselves into a special session marks the first time the legislature has ever done so, ranging back to 1988, when Missouri voters approved a constitutional amendment allowing lawmakers to call themselves into a special legislative session when deemed necessary.

The special session would begin immediately after the General Assembly concludes its regular legislative session on May 18, just four days after the start of the Governor’s criminal trial on May 14.



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