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Missouri Enterprise: Workforce Summits for Manufacturing Companies

As the number one partner organization that helps manufacturers succeed, Missouri Enterprise understands how important it is for companies to find quality and productive workers as well as reduce turnover. Missouri Enterprise is also aware of the labor force shortage and that so many manufacturing jobs go unfilled. What can they do to help you? First, they are working with other state and local partners to address this issue as one team. Secondly, they are developing an accelerated training curriculum to target underemployed and unemployed individuals to expose them to manufacturing concepts, math, and soft skills (time mgmt., understanding chain of command, working on a team, etc.). Currently, Missouri Enterprise is planning Workforce Summits in several areas throughout the state to meet with manufacturers and conduct a skills gap analysis as well as gauge input on the curriculum. These manufacturers must be in a hiring position to grow their team so that essentially, they can “catch” the individuals graduating from the program. If your company is interested in attending a summit and hiring these workers for entry level and mid-level manufacturing positions, please reach out to Amy Susan at Missouri Enterprise Summits will start as early as this month.



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