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Missouri Enterprise: Tackling the Tough Stuff – Eliminating Workplace Hazards & Injuries

Unfortunately, safety doesn’t enter one’s mind until something bad happens. But one incident can be detrimental to a company. Not only is it costly (medical bills, attorney fees, potential OSHA fines), but it can also be damaging to your company’s reputation and to the confidence of your workforce.

This four-hour workshop provides an overview on the latest safety measures that save lives, a break down of injury responsibility, an explanation of Hazards & Controls in the workplace, pictures of real workplace hazards to watch out for, insight into how OSHA works & everything you want to know but didn’t want to ask (inspections, citations & penalties).

Additionally, our instructor will explain how Worker’s Compensation works – Drugs, Alcohol & Safety Penalties, responsibilities as employer when it comes to Personal Protection Equipment, OSHA record keeping requirements, and much more!!!

To show our commitment to safety and ensure Missouri manufacturers have the tools and information they need to protect their property and people, Missouri Enterprise is partnering with STL Partnership to offer this workshop at no-cost. (Registration required by 3/28) The event will take place in St Louis on 3/30 from 8:00am-12:00pm.

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