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Missouri Enterprise: National Agriculture Week

Like a hen on her eggs, Missouri Enterprise has food producers covered. From beef, to corn, pork and poultry– Missouri grows and raises many high-quality commodities. Did you know that the chicken industry supports nearly 40,000 jobs? Or that Missouri ranks 4th in turkey production? Or that the egg industry and its employees pay $9.6M in state/local taxes and $23.6M in federal taxes? Clearly, it’s a critical industry for the state and one that Missouri Enterprise specifically supports. Our experts have a combined 300 years of industry experience, with many coming from the food sector. Today, our producers compete on a global scale and they need every resource they can get their hands or hooves on to improve efficiency and productivity. We provide a variety of solutions and services that can help– from finding ways to reduce energy and costs due to dated systems, to connecting with new customers in different markets, developing and implementing HACCP plans, forming co-ops, connecting with grants and other financial support, and linking with other growers and producers.

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