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Missouri Enterprise: Energy Savings – Common Issues Found in Manufacturing Plants

We are not merely talking about swapping out your old light bulbs for LEDs but rather identifying energy wastes that can be fixed on the spot as well as opportunities where energy and financial savings can be experienced. In this video, our certified energy manager and engineer Bob Beckmann points out some of the common energy wastes he finds in manufacturing facilities and talks about how these wastes add up over time. Watch video:

Let Bob at Missouri Enterprise help you work smarter and become more competitive. Because in today’s economy, every cent and every watt counts. Visit for more information.

MORE about Missouri Enterprise’s Energy Sustainability Services: (link to

“Green Manufacturing.” including products, processes and packaging has become expected by B2B and B2C customers and can significantly affect buying decisions. “Going Green” is no longer just the right thing to do, its smart business.

And, efficient use of reliable sources of power can result in a positive ROI and thousands of dollars of savings per month on utility bills. Yes, reducing your carbon footprint can put more profits on your financial scorecard. 

Missouri Enterprise’s sustainability experts, including a Certified Energy Manager (CEM), can perform a variety of energy audits to evaluate your company’s energy performance through scientifically based diagnostic procedures.

Using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, the Missouri Enterprise team can identify areas where costs saving can be realized and provide specific recommendation for doing so. Areas where audits show that energy savings can often be realized include lighting, operation of industrial and business equipment, heating and cooling as well as use of alternative sources of energy. 

The Missouri Enterprise team can provide audits that typically identify thousands of dollars’ worth of opportunities for improvement…dollars in savings that can go directly to your company’s bottom line. These include ASHRAE Level l, ll and lll audits.

Missouri Enterprise sustainability experts can also help make your company’s bottom line healthier by working with you to identify uses for waste material and reduce the amount of waste that goes into a landfill.

To help you get started, your Missouri Enterprise Area Business Manager will evaluate your company’s individual situation and present a no obligation proposal and cost quotation.

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