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Missouri Department of Natural Resources and EPA hold stakeholder meeting on Obama’s “Cl

On Wednesday, September 23, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources held a stakeholder meeting regarding the Obama Administration’s “Clean Power Plan.” Representatives from the Environmental Protection Agency also presented information during the meeting.

The knowledgeable staff of the DNR properly presented information regarding technical aspects of the Clean Power Plan that will, according to the EPA’s own cost estimates, boost utility bills by billions nationwide. Missouri, a state that currently gets more than 80% of its electricity from coal-fired generation will be one of the hardest hit states, according to the presentation and information provided by the EPA. After the presentations, the staff of both government agencies took questions from the audience, mostly from environmental groups and those connected with renewable energy industries.

While the plan depends on a monumental increase in the use of renewable energy sources, the plan does not provide information on HOW such renewable energy may be used for primary generation of electricity.

“As I listened to the presentation, I was reminded of the fact that current technology does not allow for the levels of renewable energy that is called for by the regulation,” said Ray McCarty, president of Associated Industries of Missouri. “The federal government apparently believes if they put requirements in regulations, technology will suddenly appear to meet the requirements of the regulation. Last time I checked, scientific development of new technologies simply does not work that way, and all consumers, including Missouri employers, will pay the price for this shortsighted regulation,” said McCarty.

More information on the plan may be obtained from the DNR website here.



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