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Missouri company named “Hero of American Manufacturing”

Meramec Instrument Transformer Co., a Cuba, MO based manufacturer of high quality instrument current transformers for the electric power industry, including transmission, distribution and generation markets, has been named a “Hero of American Manufacturing,” by the U.S. Commerce Department’s National Institute of Standard and Technology – Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NIST MEP).

The company was nominated by Missouri Enterprise, the organization that manages the NIST MEP program in Missouri.

The “Heroes of American Manufacturing” video series is intended to capture the imagination of the American public and celebrate the small- and medium- sized manufacturers that are succeeding with the help of their local MEP centers.

The video series shines a spotlight on what’s happening in select world class manufacturing plants across the country. It focuses on the leaders and workers who are making high quality products that improve daily life; the jobs and contributions these manufacturers provide their communities and the nation’s economy.  It shows the relationship between the MEP Center and client—helping to tell the story of what makes MEP unique as a private-public partnership.

To see the Meramec Instrument Transformer Co. “Heroes In American Manufacturing” video presentation, visit the “Heroes of American Manufacturing” channel.



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