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Mid-Missouri financial planner expects construction to be ‘huge’ in 2018

Columbia financial planner Greg Brockmeier believes Missouri’s construction industry will get a big boost from a federal corporate tax cut passed in Washington last month.

“That national dialogue gets really skewed with the political talk. I think a lot of people are really going to see benefits from this (tax plan), not just from wage growth,” says Brockmeier. Consumer spending is going to be going up. Residential and commercial building starts. Construction is going to be huge in 2018.”

“A lot of people think ‘That 1% is going to just keep this money and they’re just being greedy.’ Most business owners didn’t get to this position by being greedy. If they have money now, they’re going to have a more long-term thought process,” he says.

Brockmeier also said that he senses more economic confidence from investors.

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